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    Incorrectly using wiced_packet_get_data return params


      I tested ota_fr with this config  (BCM943438  custom platform with sam4s cpu and 4343 wifi-ble chip )

      snip.ota_fr-FreeRTOS-LwIP-BCM943438-SDIO-debug download run VERBOSE=1 JTAG=atmel


      I found that incorectly using return params of function:

      wiced_packet_get_data(temp_packet, 0, (uint8_t**)&request_string, &request_length, &available_data_length);

      Using request_length  but need use available_data_length. Because  request_length is size in first receiver buffer,  available_data_length total  data size.

      If received 1 buffer its ok, but if received 2 buffer  request_length show 1 buffer full size etc.: 1152,   available_data_length show total size in all buffers.

      In this state ota_server hung...

      I found that in others applications (ota2,  maybe in all?) have are same bug . Same in 3.7.0 SDK.

      Possible this bug actual  in  FreeRTOS-lwip  config.