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    BLE central not connecting to ble device

      I have a device that I want to be a ble central. I am not able to get connected to a ble device.


      In wiced_bt_cfg_settings, I am using security settings BTM_SEC_NONE .

      I have called wiced_bt_stack_init()

      My p_bt_management_cback callback receives BTM_ENABLED_EVT  with p_event_data->enabled.status == WICED_BT_SUCCESS


      I call :

      wiced_bt_gatt_register( gtwy_gatts_callback );

      wiced_bt_ble_scan( BTM_BLE_SCAN_TYPE_HIGH_DUTY, WICED_FALSE, ble_gtwy_client_scan_results_callback );


      In my scan_results callback, I identify the  bd_addr which matches my device (p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr) and save the address.


      I make the following call, with the correct address.

      result = wiced_bt_gatt_le_connect( matched_bd_addr, BLE_ADDR_PUBLIC, BLE_CONN_MODE_HIGH_DUTY, WICED_TRUE);


      I was expecting that after this call, my central would connect to the device and that gtwy_gatts_callback() would get called with



      Instead, I never see gtwy_gatts_callback() called. If I watch with a ble sniffer, I never see CONNECT_REQ sent from the my central device.

      Am I missing a step? or does anyone have any idea about what might be the problem?