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    Don't miss out on the upcoming Hands-on Product Development Workshops (WiFi, BLE and IBM Cloud Services)...




      There are still seats left in the October/November sessions!


      Dates: San Jose, CA. (10/28), Austin, TX. (11/01), Boston, MA (11/03)
      Duration: 8:30am –4:30pm local time (includes lunch)

      Cost: $99


      Register: https://products.avnet.com/wps/portal/ema/event/iot-product-development-workshop


      For the price of admission, attendees will receive the following complimentary hardware:

      • BCM4343W IoTStarter Kit ($49.95)
      • NXP Sensor Shield ($13.95)avnet2.png
      • 8x8 LED matrix Pmod($ 9.95)
      • Cypress WICED Sense2 ($19.99)


      Within these hands-on sessions, attendees will learn to develop end to end wireless connected products in weeks instead of years. The course will leverage not only the Avnet production ready BCM4343W WiFi/BLE wireless combo module, but also their very popular/expandable BCM4343W IoT Starter Kit evaluation platform as well.


      The platform used in the course will be based on the Zentri SDK/IDE and embedded OS/DMS (Device Management Services) with cloud services provided by the IBM Bluemix (Watson IoT Platform).


      Register: https://products.avnet.com/wps/portal/ema/event/iot-product-development-workshop