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    Concurrent STA and AP mode on 1DX using BCMDHD


      we are trying to run the 1DX module (BCM4343W) concurrently in STA and AP mode using the BCMDHD driver, but we are struggling.



      Looking at the code it seems (it is hard to make a definite assertion here due to the code complexity) like this might not be supported by the driver.

      On the other hand, doing "iw list" seems to imply that it might be (at least based on how we interpret the output of iw list , which might actually be flawed)


      Can somebody confirm one way or the other ?


      If it can't, then can somebody suggest how to achieve concurrent of :

           a) STA


            b)AP (or P2P-GO) without password/psk.


      We started with the STA+P2PGO but that seems to requires setting a pre-shared key (required both by wpa_supplicant and bcmdhd)