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    wiced_i2c_init_combined_message results in linker error undefined platform_i2c_init_combined_message

      I am using wiced_i2c_init_combined_message functionn n when the build stopped due to linker error? undefined platform_i2c_init_combined_message

      The function wiced_i2c_init_combined_message calls platform_i2c_init_combined_message


      #if 0

      platform_result_t platform_i2c_init_combined_message( platform_i2c_message_t* message, const void* tx_buffer, void* rx_buffer, uint16_t tx_buffer_length, uint16_t rx_buffer_length, uint16_t retries, wiced_bool_t disable_dma )



      This is undefined for SDK 3.7.3 using 43907 platform, using a know demo board BCM943907WAE2_1.B1

      if you uncomment the if 0, it will result in more errors.


      My question: is there a problem for the processor to support combined I2C message