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    bleprofile_sendReadByTypeReq to find Descriptor

      I tried to use bleprofile_sendReadByTypeReq to search the handle of Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor, but cannot find it when the device works with an Android phone.  (The same code works with an iPhone.)  I use other app to look into the attribute list in the Android phone and the app can see the descriptor.  What are the possible reasons that bleprofile_sendReadByTypeReq cannot find the descriptor (the codes is below)?   The callback function shows the length of the return is zero.



      bleprofile_sendReadByTypeReq(startHandle, endHandle, UUID_DESCRIPTOR_CLIENT_CHARACTERISTIC_CONFIGURATION);


      The startHandle and endHandle are both correct.



      I have no problem to use bleprofile_sendReadByTypeReq to find all the characteristic:

      bleprofile_sendReadByTypeReq(startHandle, endHandle, UUID_ATTRIBUTE_CHARACTERISTIC);