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    Failed to associated with a special Access Point

      Module: 4343W


      When joining an AP named CDW530AM, the return of host_rtos_get_semaphore is WWD_TIMEOUT, please refer the screenshot attached. The relevant code is below(WICED-SDK\WICED\WWD\internal\wwd_sdpcm.c):


         /* Wait till response has been received  */

          retval = host_rtos_get_semaphore( &wwd_sdpcm_ioctl_sleep, (uint32_t) WWD_IOCTL_TIMEOUT_MS, WICED_FALSE );


          if ( retval != WWD_SUCCESS )

              /* Release the mutex since wwd_sdpcm_ioctl_response will no longer be referenced. */

              host_rtos_set_semaphore( &wwd_sdpcm_ioctl_mutex, WICED_FALSE );

              return retval;



      The sniffer log named filter_with_mac_addr_60f1893e7335.pcap is also attached.


      However this issue is only met on this type Access point, the failed rate is also not 100% on this type Access point.


      More information about the wireshark packet:

      1) mac address of client: 60:f1:89:3e:73:35

      2) mac address of AP: 00:50:18:5d:ff:62;

      3) encryption type: WPA2_AES;
      3) the ssid/password is "TestBench/TestBench";
      4) channel is 1;
      5) wpa psk is "caf739524381fd60b3229a7093b9164aed3f0e94c04a9ef08b3245f0a466d0a0"