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    Looking for a replacement module

      I have spent many hours developing a product based around a CEL WiFi module.  Apparently CEL is getting out of that business.  Having taken the time to learn the WICED ways of these Broadcom based modules I would prefer not to switch gears if possible.


      I also read some "rumors" that Broadcom / Avago is looking to phase out of the WiFI chip business due to low gross margins.  This concerns me as my company is looking for a reliable source of these modules for mass product deployment.


      Can anyone recommend a stable replacement and/or comment on the longevity of these parts?


      Best regards


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          Hi William,


          I am certain WICED is alive and well now, and in the foreseeable future.  Your academic efforts will not be in vain.   For other module partners, have you seen this link?   IoT Solutions Guide


          <<<some "rumors" that Broadcom / Avago is looking to phase out of the WiFI chip business

          I've not heard this rumor, but it has no affect on us.  The original "Broadcom" was purchased by Avago, which became Broadcom Limited.   Broadcom Limited sold the WICED WiFi/Bluetooth technologies to Cypress Semiconductor to compliment their existing portfolio.   We have no ties to bind us back to Avago (Broadcom Limited)

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            Thanks Shawn,


            With all that is going on with mergers and such I am probably confusing Cypress with Broadcom and Avago. 

            I've been burned before and when CEL gave me the bad news, I was starting to feel the heat again.

            This is a relief.

            I need something that can replace the CEL WB4343SP2 that I had designed into a product for a proof of concept.

            The samples I had worked so I used them for the proof of concept.  Now I need to choose a replacement module for several products that will be redesigned to be part of the IoT.



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              We will look into the situation with CEL internally as I have not heard about any news plans they may have to disengage from the module business.


              For other BCM4343W based partner modules, Inventek and Avnet are both good choices:



              Wi-Fi/BT PNWi-Fi/BT SupportMCUCPU (MHz)Area
              AvnetAES-BCM4343W-M1-GBCM4343W2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/n, BLE/BTARM CM4-STM32F411100Mhz20 x 35FCC/CENSPIx1, ADCx4, I2Cx2, UARTx2, GPIOx6512 KB FLASH + 128KB RAM, -40 to 85 C, FCC/CE Certified
              InventekISM4343-WBM-L44-10C/UBCM4343W2.4 GHz, 802.11b/g/n,BLE/BTARM CM4-STM32F411100MHz14.5 x 30FCC/IC/CENUART, SPIConfigurable though AT commands
              or WICED, On-Board Chip Antenna or U.FL, 10 Additional I/O added for MFI (
              InventekISM4343-WBM-L151BCM4343W2.4 GHz, 802.11b/g/n, BLE/BTARM CM4-STM32F411100MHz10 x 10FCC/IC/CENUART, SPIConfigurable though AT commands
              or WICED
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