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    sensortag demo sdk 3.7.0 bcm4343w


      i am trying to run the sensortag_cloud demo available from here.





      when i build the file and download to the bcm4343w kit, it connects to the internet, and appears to start advertising for the sensor tag.

      i start the cc2650stk and the led blinks and starts advertising it's data ( i checked this was working with the light blue app).


      however, the terminal and watson don't see any data.



      [MQTT] Opening connection...Client ID...d:quickstart:iotqs-sensor:B0382943F5100

      Starting Advertising for Wi-Fi Config GATT service.

      ---->>> New ADV state: 3

      ---->>> New ADV state: 0

      ---->>> New ADV state: 0

      ---->>> New ADV state: 0

      ---->>> New ADV state: 0


      is there something wrong with the default build files? all i have changed is the ssid and password.

      however it would not allow me to connect over bluetooth in the first instance to set the ssid details, or collect data.


      please help getting this up and running.