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      Hi i have a shock sensor & BCM2073X_LE_KIT (BCM920737TAG).

      My shock sensor gives high pulse if it detects the shock & i want to configure it as a interrupt ,So what i did is..



      #define SHOCK_IN 4

      #define SHOCK 8


      const UINT8 shk=SHOCK;


      & in the following fuction i enabled interrupt




      void hello_client_connection_up(void)


      UINT16 masks[3] = {(1 << SHOCK_IN), 0 , 0};

      gpio_registerForInterrupt(masks,(void *)hello_client_interrupt_handler,(void *)&shk);





      It works fine when the shock interrupt pin is connected ,but it gives continuous interrupt whenever i disconnect the shock pin.

      It should not give interrupt when there is no connection on shock pin..