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    Re: Problems with whitelist...


      Hello JacobT_81


      As a follow on to our discussion here: Re: How to scan non-connectable BLE devices ?


      I already tested the patch.

      I found some problems in the whitelist.


      1- if we active the whitelist we couldn't get no scan results.

      2- So we clear the whitelist and print the size of it, we always get 128





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          To help isolate the issue, can you confirm that your whitelist was fully functional when you used the wiced_bt_ble_scan function?



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            We have the same problem.


            I think that the problem is on the white_list functions.


            uint8_t wiced_bt_ble_get_white_list_size(void)

            this function always return 128


            wiced_bool_t wiced_bt_ble_update_advertising_white_list(wiced_bool_t add, wiced_bt_device_address_t remote_bda);

            this update function returns WICED_TRUE, but the white_list_size if the same 128.



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              I reproduced the behavior you're seeing.


              I can't fix it from the application level, but I was once again able to jump over a few layers and get it working via raw HCI commands. This only works with the wiced_bt_ble_observe_patch that I provided in the previous thread here: Re: How to scan non-connectable BLE devices ? It doesn't work otherwise because it requires initialization of the white list through my patch. The regular wiced_btm_ble_update_advertisement_filter_policy will not init the white list for scans.


              I updated my previous patch to include white list implementation. See the attached file for details.


              Or you can easily use the HCI command yourself:


                        extern BOOLEAN btsnd_hcic_ble_add_white_list (UINT8 addr_type, BD_ADDR bda);

                        UINT8 bda[6] = { 0xaa, 0xbb, 0xcc, 0xdd, 0xee, 0xff};


                        btsnd_hcic_ble_add_white_list (BLE_ADDR_PUBLIC, bda);




              Again this is all packaged up in the attached patch file API for your use.


              *one thing to note is that I couldn't get it working with anything other than specifying BLE_ADDR_PUBLIC as the first parameter of the HCI command. I tested different address bit patterns according the the spec and BLE_ADDR_RANDOM always failed..


              I will bring these issues to engineering. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it looks like our stack doesn't consider scans to be a valid use-case for the white list and never pushes the HCI commands because adv hasn't been started. This is my best guess based on the limited search I did through the code. I'm unsure why this would be the case, but I'll post updates if they come.


              Please let me know if the patch works for you.



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                Hi gcorrente,


                Did this patch work for you?



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                  may be some thing is wrong. in attach the src code.


                  #include "wiced.h"
                  #include "platform.h"
                  #include "wiced_bt_ble.h"
                  #include "wiced_bt_dev.h"
                  #include "wiced_bt_cfg.h"
                  #include "wiced_bt_stack.h"
                  #include "wiced_bt_ble_observe_patch.h"
                  #include "wiced_bt_ble_observe_with_white_list_patch.h"
                  #define num_of_white_list_addrs 2
                  void ble_scan_results_callback( wiced_bt_ble_scan_results_t* p_scan_result, uint8_t* p_adv_data )
                      if ( p_scan_result != NULL )
                      printf("rssi - %d\n", p_scan_result->rssi);
                      printf("remote_bd_addr - %02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X\n", p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[0], p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[1], p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[2],p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[3], p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[4], p_scan_result->remote_bd_addr[5]);
                      printf("ble_evt_type - %d\n", p_scan_result->ble_evt_type);
                      printf("ble_addr_type - %d\n", p_scan_result->ble_addr_type);
                      printf("flag - %d\n", p_scan_result->flag);
                      printf ("list size - %u\n", wiced_bt_ble_get_white_list_size()); //<== allways 128???
                  /* Bluetooth management event handler */
                  static wiced_bt_dev_status_t ble_hps_client_stack_init_callback( wiced_bt_management_evt_t event, wiced_bt_management_evt_data_t* p_event_data )
                      wiced_bt_dev_status_t bt_dev_status = p_event_data->enabled.status;
                    uint8_t addr_array[num_of_white_list_addrs * BD_ADDR_LEN] = { 0xDE, 0x9E, 0x75, 0x34, 0x7C, 0x0B,
                    0x0B, 0x7C, 0x34, 0x75, 0x9E, 0xDE};
                      switch ( event )
                          case BTM_ENABLED_EVT:
                              /* Initialize GATT REST API Server once Bluetooth controller and host stack is enabled */
                              if ( bt_dev_status == WICED_BT_SUCCESS )
                                  printf("Scanning for peripheral devices\n");
                                  if(WICED_FALSE == wiced_bt_ble_clear_white_list())
                    printf("error - clear white list\n");
                    printf ("white list size - %u\n", wiced_bt_ble_get_white_list_size());
                    wiced_bt_ble_observe_with_white_list_patch( WICED_TRUE, //enable,
                    BTM_BLE_SCAN_MODE_ACTIVE, //scan_type,
                    4800, //scan_int
                    400, //scan_win
                    1, //scan_filter_policy
                    0, //duration
                    BLE_ADDR_PUBLIC, //addr_type
                    0, //duplicate_filt
                    num_of_white_list_addrs, //num_of_white_list_addrs
                    addr_array, //addr_array
                    ble_scan_results_callback); //p_scan_result_cback
                                  bt_dev_status = WICED_BT_ERROR;
                              WPRINT_LIB_INFO( ( "Unhandled event[%u]\n", (unsigned int)event ) );
                      return bt_dev_status;
                  void application_start( )
                      /* Initialise the WICED device */
                     while(WICED_BT_SUCCESS != wiced_bt_stack_init( ble_hps_client_stack_init_callback, &wiced_bt_cfg_settings2, wiced_bt_cfg_buf_pools2 ));
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                    Try my parameters:


                    #define MAX_ADDR_COUNT 4
                    //Add here the addresses you want to listen for
                    uint8_t BD_ADDRS[MAX_ADDR_COUNT * BD_ADDR_LEN] = {
                      0xaa, 0xbb, 0xcc, 0xdd, 0xee, 0xff,
                      0x00, 0xbb, 0xcc, 0xdd, 0xee, 0xff,
                      0xc0, 0xbb, 0xcc, 0xdd, 0xee, 0xff,
                      0xff, 0xee, 0xdd, 0xcc, 0xbb, 0xc0
                              1, /*1 on, 0 off*/
                              1, /*1 active, 0 passive*/
                              18, /*in BT slots*/
                              18, /*in BT slots*/
                              1, /*1 whitelist filter, 0 no filter*/
                              255, /*max 255 in whole seconds*/
                              1, /*1 on, 0 off*/
                              MAX_ADDR_COUNT, /*num of whitelist addrs*/
                              BD_ADDRS, /*array of wl addrs*/
                              ble_scanner_results_cb /*cb*/




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                      The same result, I couldn't get any scan results.




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                        It's virtually identical to yours, but please try the included sample app.


                        What hardware are you working on?



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                          Hi gcorrente,


                          Were you able to get the code working?



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                            Hello JacobT_81,


                            Doesn't work, my hardware is the board:

                            BCM9WCD5EVAL1_3 with boardcom BCM943341WCD1_2



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                              The latest feedback shows it's still does not work.

                              How is the status of this issue?