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    BLE conn_id confuses two clients



      I'm using WICED SDK 3.5.2 on a board with a BCM943341 WiFi/BT combo chip.


      I have previously been using the conn_id in the event_data's connection_status and attribute_request to distinguish between different clients, mostly Android. The code is pretty similar to the ble_hello_sensor example, and this has been working fine, until recently.


      I have tried to revert the code to a previous git commit, both on the server and client sides, but I can't get it work any more.


      What happens is that the first client connects ok, I get a GATT_CONNECTION_STATUS_EVT about the first connection and usually with the conn_id 2.

      Then, when the 2nd client connects, it will sometimes cause a new GATT_CONNECTION_STATUS_EVT, this time often with conn_id 258, but more often, it will not cause a GATT_CONNECTION_STATUS_EVT at all, but simply hi-jack the old connection and read/write data using conn_id 2.


      Anyone knows what's going on?