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    BLE size on 3.6.2

      I am using the WICED 3.6.2 SDK, and the image size fitting in FLASH has become a concern for us.  Upon inspection, it seems like there are these two big modules:


      "BTE_LE"  77786 bytes

      "WICED_Bluetooth_Low_Energy_Driver_" 34501 bytes


      They both add up to 110K+ bytes, and is occupying about 25% of the final image of our app!

      We do use BLE, but do we need both of these modules?  Do you have any recommendations on how to reduce the footprint of these?




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          Can anyone comment on this?

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            Kindly refer to 3.7.0 SDK. we have made changes to the bluetooth implementation.

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              I know there are some changes in bluetooth implementation in SDK-3.7.0.

              But the point is the image size does not shrink.


              My build on SDK-3.7.0 below:


                                                |         |  Static |

                            Module              |  Flash  |   RAM   |


              BTE_low_energy                    |   77587 |    8148 |

              WICED_Bluetooth_Firmware_Driver_fo|   35833 |       0 |

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                Hello Jeyprakash,


                BTE_low_energy refers to the BTEWICED core stack and is the LE-only flavor. The second item is the BT controller firmware that gets loaded into the chip. Essentially this is a patch over above the actual ROM code. So both will be needed for the SDK to work. May I ask what your expectation is in terms of RAM space?


                Please note that BTE_low_energy is is a stripped down BLE only portion of the stack. The full-blown dual mode stack is approximately 250KB.




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