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    Arduino IDE WICED pros and cons

      I've gotten a WICED module from Adafruit ( their Feather WICED ) and it seems like they've done some serious work to get it onboard for the Arduino environment, but I'm not sure they've gotten it to be a full throttle as the WICED can handle. I've gone through the hoops and jumps and gotten their code to complie for their examples buy I'm still trying to figure out exactly how they handle parts like their python DFU script.  I'm imagining that the Arduino IDE is a great conceptual designing tool, and good for familiarity for those like me who already use that, but I feel it probably strips the guts out of a lot of features. Does anyone have experience who can relate the two?


      From what I can see:


      Arduino Pros:


      some common libraries ported from Arduino side for relatively quick cross compile-ability


      Arduino Cons:

      circuitous backdoor engineering

      I've heard of problems with Interrupts

      seems a layer off of bare metal


      Cypress/Broadcom SDK Pros:

      Native Native Native

      Industry standard

      full throttle development


      SDK Cons;

      learning curve ?


      What are the pros and cons as you see them?