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    Not booting with OTA2_bootloader



      I am working on Avnet iot starter kit which uses BCM94343W_AVN chip.


      I tried booting the ota2_example with normal bootloader and its booting up and I am able to get the console up and I am able to run few commands also.

      But if I give the command update_now with an ota2_image_file.bin in the external flash it is showing as extracting but its restarting with the old image itself.

      So I doubt its an issue of not running the ota2_example with ota2_bootloader.

      I tried running the same application with with this ota2_bootloader but I am not able to get the application up and running.

      Also can anyone give a step by step explaination on how to do an ota2_upgrade without hosting server for just testing purpose. I mean how to use update_now command.


      I am using wiced 3.7.0

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