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    BCM43430 Questions


      Our customer is using BCM43430 SoC & have several questions:

      1) Can it work in dual role mode simultaneously?

      2) What is the maximum simultaneous connections number?


      They use Bluez 5.40, kernel 4.7.2 on Allwinner.

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          Could you please elaborate on your questions.


          1) What do you mean by dual role mode? AP and STA?

          2) Are you asking about max number of WiFi connections?





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            Is there a typo in the PN you used during the creation of the thread?  I ask because the BCM43340 is indeed a device that is supported here on the community forum and by our module partners.  However, the BCM43430 is not.


            A list of supported devices are included in the IoT Solutions Guide


            If not listed in the guide, please work with your local Cypress sales rep/teams to line up the proper support for these non broad market devices.


            SoC designs are also not supported here on the community so for those, the same scenario applies as you will need to refer back to the person within Cypress that enabled the SoC opportunity.

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              Hi Alexander,


              As we discussed offline, the BCM43430 chip is not a Cypress part and therefore is not supported on our WICED Community.     The chips and modules we do support can be found by following this link - https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-3021.


              If the customer is open to making a hardware change then we do offer linux support on a range of modules and further details can be found here (https://community.cypress.com/community/linux) but sadly we can offer no technical support on any 43430 based designs.   Please contact Broadcom directly for assistance on this opportunity.


              Please can you submit your additional questions into the forum and I can address those for you too.