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    BCM20735, Development Boards & WICED SMART READY SDK

      We are going to use BCM20735 chips in our product, but can't find debug boards or evaluation kits for them.


      The corresponding Cypress page on "getting started" contains only:
      "Coming Soon!   WICED SMART READY SDK and kits to enable you to get started. Contact us to learn more", but this SDK is not available on the site, only WICED SMART SDK is available. Official Broadcom press release also does not list BCM20735...


      BCM2073X debug kits declare only support of BCM20732, BCM20736 and BCM20737.


      Can you please advice:

      1. What Development / Debug / Evaluation boards are available for BCM20735 and where is it possible to buy them?
      2. Is it possible to use BCM92073X_LE_TAG4 / BCM92073X_LE_KIT for BCM20735, otherwise how is it possible to work (make firmware and test it) with BCM20735 now?


      Thank you!