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    Can Cypress provide an updated firmware with the accelerometer fix?

      As discussed in a previous thread, the accelerometer driver in firmware version 1.3 has a problem. It reduces the resolution of the accelerometer by a factor of 16.


      I am the author of an application for astronomical use. I have been supporting Wiced Sense since January 2015, and encouraging my application's users to purchase Wiced Sense. Note that these users may not have the skills to compile or flash the SDK directly.


      In the last 4 weeks, I have dived deep into Wiced Sense and sensor calibration techniques, did many field experiments along with the app's users, and I think Wiced Sense could help telescope users a lot!


      The accuracy improvement from accelerometer fix would help tremendously. The fix is simple; 3 lines of change. A corresponding change in the Android app would be required and that would be trivial as well.


      If I compile and distribute the firmware myself my app's users won't be able to upgrade over the air because the signature verfication would fail.


      Can Cypress update the firmware and make a new official release?