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    additional test item for minimum filling

      We are preparing to get FCC certification on our product with BCM20737S..

      Seeing discussions here, 2 options for FCC certification is provided.

      1. minimum filing

      2. getting FCC certification at system level


      According to 20732S regulatory certification, your regulatory team answered as below


      Integration into hosts other than approved host under the LMA requires additional testing inside the hosts and a Class 2 permissive change. 


      Could you let us know what additional test is needed for the C2PC?


      We already got our own FCC ID and your authorization letter, but we are confused how to handle the approval test next.

      For example, conducted sample is requested from our coordinator but we understand there may be another approach than conducted test.


      We appreciate very much if you elaborate elaborate and categorize each FCC test items to

      1. test items that additional test is needed

      2. test items that have to be submitted and provided by you

      3. test items that is included in your authorization latter


      Thank you for your great support.