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    How to include shared objects in Eclipse

      Hi ,

      Q1 : I am using sdk-2.4.0 , in Eclipse IDE , LINUX 32-bit  ,

      how to include shared objects in eclipse ??


      Note : above image describes the folder content - c - code which sends data to cloud

      Q2 : I have  a c- code that will send data to TCUP cloud, its working fine[ while  running make-comment  in linux console] , my code will send data to cloud and retrieve.

      Now i have to include this code inside UART Setup and UART Messages Over Webpage so whatever data i give via uart get updated in Cloud . what all are the files i have to inlcude inside uart_rxtx folder ?? How to do this ??

      [i just put all files inside uart_rxtx and changed C-code main into some fuction name (like :Cloud_Start (void)) , when i tried to call this from uart_rxtx.c showing undefined reference to Cloud_Start , i google it this issue found linking has to be done]


      Please help me to solve this , Thank you..