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    snip\http_client get ERROR_INVALID_MAC (5006) error


      we try to porting http_client to customer cloud API.

      But we try the same url to get a 4MB file with wiced_http_get  and wiced_https_get.


      \wiced 3.7.0\snip\http_client.c

      for example,

      #define url-data "/201307/09grZeMhnj4ojGhc0O5YFIhfQXaXGJaDaVV_uMNbOtbTgDqSWg==?play_mode=openapi&__gda__=1469510554_a5e16545f9882ab0d5015b4888dbc31f"


      tx_data[0]=0x00;//clear a string   
      sprintf(tx_data,"GET %s HTTP/1.1\r\n",url_data);    
      strcat(tx_data,"Host: fs-sq-1.kfs.io\r\n");
      strcat(tx_data,"Accept: */*\r\n");

      result = wiced_http_get( &ip_address, tx_data, buffer, BUFFER_LENGTH);//result will return WICED_OK


      result = wiced_https_get( &ip_address, tx_data, buffer, BUFFER_LENGTH, NULL );//result will return ERROR_INVALID_MAC(5006)


      After check 5006 error from \WICED-SDK-3.7.0\WICED\security\BESL\include\besl_structures.h


      But we don't know hot to fix this problem in https_get because we use the same WIFI modue with the same MAC address.

      we just use different api (wiced_http_get,wiced_https_get) to get file.


      Any one see the same problem on "snip\http_client" wiced_https_get?