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    IPV6 address using dhcpv6

      We are trying to get a IPv6 address using DHCPv6. For that we are using Wiced 3.5.2 and NetXDuo. We are running the 4343W module in client mode and connecting to a AP that has inbuilt DHCPv6 server. We are able to connect a laptop and successfully get IPv6 address. But when we connect the 4343W module we see that the device does not receive and Network Solicit packets. We have enabled logs in sdpcm but we do not see any multicast NS packet being received. We have also tried to same by using 43362 modules. When we assign static v6 IP to the device we are able to ping other machines connected on the network. In that case the device receives the NS packet and responds with a NA. Not sure if we are missing out on any DHCPv6 related config or something else.


      We looked at the sample codes provided, but there are no sample available for DHCPv6 using NetXDuo. Would really appreciate if you can point us to any samples on DHCPv6 using NetXDuo for Wiced.