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    which file of wifi_config_dct.h is used in the project of https_server

        The version of SDK is 3.1.2

        To test the https_server i need to modify the CLIENT_AP_SSID/CLIENT_AP_PASSPHRASE Wi-Fi credentials in the wifi_config_dct.h header file, but there is no this header file under the https_server folder.



      1.  I want to think which wifi_config_dct.h header file is used for the project of https_server.

      2.  And there are several projects such as tcp_client, tcp_server and so on. there are no this header file under each folder too. Are they treated as the same way.

      3.  If i want to add the wifi_config_dct.h header file to each project, what should i do?


        Looking forward to your reply!

      Thank you!

      All the best wiches for you !