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    AWS shadow brick my board


      Hi there ,I am trying the aws_iot shadow exmaple and  when I use Update shadow to update the led state of my board .

      It print that it receive a json like "{"version":230,"timestamp":1470299957,"state":{"status":"ON"},"metadata":{"status":{"timestamp":1470299957}}}" and the led turn on.

      But when I press the button of my board ,It won't turn off the led and print nothing,so It's brick.

      I reset the board and use MQTT client to publish {"version":230,"timestamp":1470299957,"state":{"status":"ON"},"metadata":{"status":{"timestamp":1470299957}}}" to topic $aws/things/xxx/shadow/update/delta .

      It can update the led state of my board and won't make it brick.I have tried SDK 3.5.2 and 3.7.0,both have this problem.

      It's so strange and have anyone ever met the problem like this?Thanks!