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    bcm43907 with i.MX6 Dual

      Hi all,


      I am going to use BCM43907 as SDIO device along with i.MX6 Dual running Linux as SDIO host for the next project phase.


      Is it possible for BCM43907 can work as BCM43362?


      Could you please provide any suggestions?




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          Please describe what you mean when you say "work as a 43362" as the two devices are very different. Are you asking if the 43907 can work with an external MCU host as opposed to leveraging the internal one? Have you taken a look at the Murata module based on the 43907? 


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            I meant "the host driver (DHD) provides a transparent connection between the host operating system(Linux) and the BCM43362 media by presenting a network driver interface to the host operating system and communicating with the BCM43362 over an interface-specific bus SDIO"


            I've already have the BCM43907 eval board. What I am asking is the BCM43907 can work with an external processor(i.MX6) running Linux through SDIO like BCM43362?