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    IEEE 802.11s

      Is it feasible to implement  IEEE 802.11s  on BCM43362 ?. If yes kindly share some relevant info / links .

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          This is not feasible.  Even if/when we release 802.11s, I doubt 43362 would be one of the target platforms to validate/test it on.

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            Thanks GregG_16  for your response ! . I am new to WiFi stack and hence kindly pardon my ignorance . Could you  briefly give more information on what makes it not feasible for 11s and 43362 not being a viable platform .



            I have 50000 nos deployment of  a IoT device built on BCM43362.

            Thanks in advance . ! !

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              The 43362 is stable and solid. I understand the concern. I am not sure about 802.11s if it is mostly on the host or depends on the radio. Of course we try to develop with all the legacy radios in consideration. We will do our best to support all platforms especially the popular 43362.

              Can you share (in a private message if you want) whose module you are using?  I.e. Which host?