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    OTA upgrade for SDK 2.2.2


      I am working with the BCM920736 board, and I want to enable OTA upgrade. For my application, the board will be embedded in a system with no USB access, so the only way to modify its code will be through bluetooth OTA upgrade. However, I cannot figure out how to activate it. I am following the guide included, but i am getting stuck on the "sign the SOTAFU Image" section. I cannot figure out how to do the step where I need to do:


      C:\rsa\rel>WsRsaSign.exe rsa.pri ___.bin 3A19 1 1


      I cannot find an rsa directory on my computer, so I cannot figure out how to run that exe. When i try to run it manually, I get an error.


      Thank you,

      --Jay Jackman