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    OTA2 example not running




      I'm working with the WM-BAN-BM-33 from USI and i'm trying to make OTA2 working.

      When trying to make "snip.ota2_example-ThreadX-NetX-BCMUSI33 download run", i end up having this result :


      Creating Filesystem BCM94390x_targets.mk ...

      Downloading DCT BCM94390x_targets.mk ... build/snip.ota2_example-ThreadX-NetX-BCMUSI33/DCT.bin @ SFLASH_DCT_LOC=0x0020d000

      ./tools/common/Win32/mk_wicedfs32 build/snip.ota2_example-ThreadX-NetX-BCMUSI33/filesystem.bin build/snip.ota2_example-ThreadX-NetX-BCMUSI33/resources/Staging/

      Creating Filesystem Done

      DCT_IMAGE_SECTOR_ADDRESS := 0x0020d000  size:= 4096

      Illegal division by zero at ./tools/text_to_c/sector_number.pl line 32.

      Illegal division by zero at ./tools/text_to_c/sector_count.pl line 27.

      Building apps lookup table

      ./WICED/platform/MCU/wiced_apps_lut.c:107:51: error: expected expression before ',' token

                       .sectors = { {OTA_APP_SECTOR_START,OTA_APP_SECTOR_COUNT} }


      I feel like the OTA_APP_SECTOR_START is not initialized. Am i right ? If so, where should it be and how? If not, can you point me to the right direction to solve this problem?