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    Wi Fi Stability Issues WICED 3.5.1


      During our testing we have found some stability issues with the Wi-Fi networking on WICED 3.5.1.


      What we have found after significant time reviewing the Wi-Fi network code operation is that there are many areas where the WICED code does not do error checking during network shutdown. This seems to leave hanging items (pointers, partially initialized structures etc.)  in the network structure which we believe result in the networking failure and the network fails to restart effectively when a Wi-Fi dropout occurs. We have over 100 devices in a couple of locations all running on the same network that are constantly encountering these conditions. Without our changes the devices end up hung – offline, while their internal WICED states show the network up.


      We take the drastic action of rebooting these devices when we encounter these failed conditions. The result is the network remains “working”. The reboot is a serious issue as we are dealing with commercial IoT solution and the results of the reboot are visible to observers of the system.


      Please review the code additions to this file to see where we have found issues. They are clearly marked with Sierra Telecom tags. We have run this code in the debugger and have found that these failures exist in “normal” operation. We have not spent the time needed to work out what the real cleanup should be when these routines fail. BUT without catching these errors and taking action we know the system becomes unstable and goes offline –




      File from: WICED-SDK 3.5.1/WICED/WWD/internal