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    Trace Decoding Error - Could not find line number 314


      In the Consol Debug Viewer, there is a message, "Trace Decoding Error - Could not find line number 314", appear by app of "hello_sensor" example code.

      Another app such as "automation_io_server" or "heart_rate_monitor" are all appear with this message.


      It show out after function call, "..._create()", executed completely. Simply, It's no way to trace back or debug it. 

      So, at this moment, I don't know how to find the reason out.

      Even create a new APP by 'WICED Smart Designer" appeared with the message.


      Have you know:

        What is its bad effect?

        How could we tracking the reason? and,

        How to solve it?



      Best Regards,

      Joy Sun