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    Optimal Advertising Parameters for Connecting to Androids

      Does anyone have the optimal parameters to setup advertising for 20736's to communicate to Androids?


      Specifically looking for the following, although I setup the advertising via other methods, and don't usually use the profile to set these parameters:


      /*.high_undirect_adv_interval    =*/ 32,   // slots for 20ms

      /*.low_undirect_adv_interval      =*/ 1400  // slots for 875ms

      /*.high_undirect_adv_duration    =*/ 6, // seconds

      /*.low_undirect_adv_duration      =*/ 18,       // seconds

      /*.high_direct_adv_interval        =*/ 0,       // seconds


      I'd like to make sure we connect well, and also, save power consumption as much as possible.