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    SPI slave driver


      I am currently using a chip with the underlying platform of the BCM4390x. I know in the WICED SDK there is no SPI slave support for this device. Is there a plan to add future support for this or is it possible to get a register map for this part so I can write one?

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          Note that the BCM4390X family has not been formally released yet to the broad market, so there is no support available here on the community site for this family.


          Are you already working with a module partner?  Several have products being released into production now which are based on the 4390X, so they may be able to help you with this request.


          Take a look: IoT Solutions Guide

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            I did some research on this engagement and understand that the local team at Murata is already supporting you on the 4390X design using their 1GC module.


            Please continue to work with the Murata team and ask them to escalate into the ticketing system we have setup for Module partners any questions they cannot resolve on their own.



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              Murata recommends to use Electric Imp could software for Type 1GC. Part number is  LBWA1UZ1GC-901.

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