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    Interrupt & ADC input causing problem..

      HI ,

      I am using BCM920737_LE_Kit as a BLE central & interfaced it to the other MCU trough UART , Also i interfaced two sensors to Central device(Resistive Force Sensor as ADC i/p On pin P11 ,Shock Sensor as a External Interrupt on Pin P3 ). I am collecting data from the WICED sense tag as a peripheral device(Temp,Humidity & Press) adding force value to packet i am sending it over PUART (P32,P4-as PUART TX,RX).

      When ever i give shock interrupt the force value get changed automatically.Also other temp & press values also changes..OR sometimes board itself RESTARTS .

      Or even i change VTG on pin P11(ADC I/p force sensor) the other pin vtg get changed ...

      I tried on USB power mode & Battery Mode also ..

      I am using external power supply of 3.3v for Force & shock sensor ..Did proper GND connection also..


      I thick the board have Power issue..



      I want that when i trigger interrupt on P3 it should not cause any change on ADC & other pin vtgs..

      Also When the ADC i/p Vtg changed it should not change other pin voltages.


      Find attachment for code