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    Failed to make target for BCM943907AEVAL1F_1

      Please help.


      I just installed WICED-SDK-3.7.0. In "Make Target" tab, double click snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 and the build process seems working well.


      Copy and paste snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4, then changed the name to snip.scan-BCM943907AEVAL1F_1. Double click it and I got error message:

      tools/makefiles/wiced_config.mk:299: platforms/BCM943907AEVAL1F_1/BCM943907AEVAL1F_1.mk: No such file or directory

      tools/makefiles/wiced_config.mk:301: WICED/platform/MCU//.mk: No such file or directory

      tools/makefiles/wiced_config.mk:335: *** No matching toolchain found for architecture .  Stop.

      make: *** No rule to make target 'build/snip.scan-BCM943907AEVAL1F_1/config.mk', needed by 'main_app'.  Stop.



      Is there a document about how to use BCM943907AEVAL1F_1 and configure the SDK for it?  I am a hardware engineer and just need to build and load an example to check the evaluation board.


      Any help are appreciated.