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    WICED 3.5.2 + ST32F412 + 1DX part - Timeout waiting for high throughput clock


      Ported WICED 3.5.2 to work with STM32F412 and attempting to integrate the Murata 1DX module wifi functionality over SDIO (as in the BCM94343WWCD1 devkit)


      Currently wifi init is failing at 'waiting for high throughput clock'.   Appears SDIO comm is working, but the 1DX part is not behaving, so we're thinking there's got to be a firmware file we're missing.


      If WICED 3.5.2 does not include the correct image for 1DX part, looking for the correct firmware/nvram.  In addition, are there any chip specific interface changes that need to be made to WICED?


      Previous discussion (Wifi high throughput clock not starting ) mentions changing WWD thread startup, but this is done after firmware download on WICED 3.5.2