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    Searching function references


      When I right click->Refences->Project on puart_control_enqueue_data() in the puart_control project zero references are returned. This true for all of the functions with the prefix puart_control. However, this isn't the case for every function in the project, i.e. bleprofile_sendReadBlobReq(). Other workspaces are functional.


      Is this a bug or is there a problem with my installation?

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          This is really an eclipse based issue and beyond our scope. It has to do with the way they tag the source code for navigation. It is common on my end as well.


          From within eclipse you can perform a text-based file search (Search>File) and it will pull up all references, declarations and definitions.



          Alternatively, you can use a much more powerful terminal based source code navigation like cscope. 



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            Thanks again, Jake. This was the work around I've been using. I'll check out cscope.

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              A faster way to invoke "Search | File" is to use CTRL-H in Eclipse.  Many other key bindings exist that make this editor awesome.  The quick list of them is found in  Help | Key Assist pulldown menu/dialog box, or by using CTRL-SHIFT-L


              You can change them under the Window | Preferences | General | Keys.

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