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    wiced continuous receive



      In the wiced manufacturing document, there is an example script that is below for continuous receive test mode:


      wl --serial 99 down

      wl --serial 99 mpc 0

      wl --serial 99 country ALL

      wl --serial 99 scansuppress 1

      wl --serial 99 channel 1

      wl --serial 99 bi 65535

      wl --serial 99 up

      sleep 10

      wl --serial 99 counters


      When I run, the counters increment but there is no packet received. Does anyone have this issue? Does the 'test packet' coming need any special MAC for this code to recognize?



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          Hi Vinh,


          The wlan radio is continually making measurements on the radio spectrum and reports this back via the counters command.  This includes statistics on the various types of packets both transmitted and received - even those not intended for this radio eg unicast, multicast, control frames, beacons. tly, bad headers, checksums etc.   Therefore, when performing rf testing it is necessary to use a screened box in order to eliminate the background traffic from being heard by your device.


          The application note N4010 Wireless Connectivity Measurement Setup Procedures shows how to perform tx and rx testing and how to identify the packets you are sending to the radio for test purposes.





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            Hi David,

            Thanks for the reply. That helps.