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    TLS fails against Azure IoT Hub




      We use WICED SDK 3.5.2 to implement an IoT device which communicated with our backend through Azure IoT Hub (MQTT over TLS).


      Since today morning, all our devices went dark. Looking more closely in the WICED application what I can observe is that after a few iterations of SSL handshake, a call to function ssl_handshake_client_async() results to a crash and a restart of the application.


      The problem is easy to reproduce, since the only think you need is to target the secure_mqtt sample application to an active Azure IoT Hub instance. Please find attached the log from the execution and crash of the secure_mqtt example project.


      If you want a live Azure IoT Hub instance to try it out, I am happy to assist.


      I must note that other MQTT clients, like MQTT.fx, operate as expected.