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    WICED vs Virtual WICED



      We just went over 2016 IoT Solutions Guide and saw that some BCM modules offer WICED while others offer Virtual WICED.


      Can someone please explain what's the difference between the two?




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          Adding AlSe_1964561 and DiBa_1995216 from Inventek.

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            Hello Nir,


            My apologies for our delay responding back.

            Thank you very much for your inquiry.


            The primary difference between the two is that "Virtual" WICED refers to a design implementation where a customer would utilize the Host processor already in there architecture to port the WICED SDK stack.


            So in the case of our portfolio, instead of having a complete "black box" modular design from Inventek Systems (Radio+MCU+Certified Antenna), customers would select their radio-only preference from Inventek and then interface to that radio using the host processor that already exists in their system architecture (or the host processor the customer is planning to select for this new design).


            Please send me an e-mail to discuss your application needs in greater detail.


            Thank you again,



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              Hi Al,
              I'm planning to use your ISM43362-L36-E module in our project. Host processor will be STM32F4.
              Can you tell me, how Virtual WICED can help me? I have experience with WICED and I'm familiar with the WICED project structure.

              Thank you in advance!