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    Migrating vom WICED 2.4.1 to 3.x




      currently I'm trying to migrate a project that runs well with WICED 2.4.1 to WICED 3.5.2.

      There have been many changes in the meantime, also it seems that some functions of the API have been replaced or renamed.

      I found the following remark in changelog.txt:


      WICED-SDK-3.0.0 has changed considerably since the previous 2.4.1 release.

      The accompanying README provides a more detailed summary of the supported

      features and known limitations for this release.


      But where can I find the README of Version 3.0.0?

      Is there any other place where I can find detailed information about what has changed from 2.4.1 to 3.0.0 ?