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    [BLE] wiced_bt_stack_init gets stucks


      Sometimes the function wiced_bt_stack_init will not call my management callback function. The last output I see is:


      00000119 GKI_create_task func=0x4ada75  id=1  name=BTU  stack=0x0  stackSize=6144

      00000126 GKI_create_task func=0x4aef21  id=0  name=HCISU  stack=0x0  stackSize=4096


      But that's it, if I reboot the board it might work as usual, I get this issue around 20% of the time.


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          What platform are you using?
          Can you check what you got at BTM_ENABLED_EVT?

          (maybe my post bluetooth stack init  is related to this one?)

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            I don't get any BTM_ENABLED_EVT event, the stack just doesn't call my callback at all.

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              user_2112781  Can you provide details like platform/board, sdk-release being used etc?


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                I also encountered this issue, SDK, 20719-B0_Bluetooth.

                I created a new project through WICED Bluetooth Desginer by default with LE only mode, added a specific test service and characters for testing. After generated the code, I just set the debug_uart to PUART, and add the log before and after wiced_bt_stack_init() the function, and also at the start of the *_management_callback() callback function that input to wiced_bt_stack_init() function.

                After build, burn and run the image to the BCM920739EVAL2_0 board, I get the output log before and after the wiced_bt_stack_init() function, and check the return value of wiced_bt_stack_init() is 0. But the *_management_callback() callback function was not executed at all, the log message added at the start of the *_management_callback() callback function not output at all event after several times reset.

                Noramlly, the BTM_ENABLED_EVT event should be transfered into the *_management_callback() callback function after the BLE stack initialized. Though it returns 0 indicates success, but indeed the BLE stack seems has been out of work at that time.

                BTW, I built and burned the hello_sensor project image to the development board, it worked fine.




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                  For SDK, 20719-B0_Bluetooth, the root cause of the no BTM_ENABLED_EVT issue I encounted was because the value of the maximum bumber of buffer pools was default set to 0 (uninitialized) in the wiced_bt_cfg_settings data structure when it was automatically generated.

                  We must manually add the code to set the value for .max_number_of_buffer_pools in wiced_bt_cfg_settings as below.

                  const wiced_bt_cfg_settings_t wiced_bt_cfg_settings =



                       /* LE Address Resolution Database Settings */

                       .addr_resolution_db_size =    10,



                  +     /* Maximum number of buffer pools */

                  +     .max_number_of_buffer_pools = 4,


                  After set the value of .max_number_of_buffer_pools, the application worked fine. :-)




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