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    BLE tracing

      when I enable the BLE debug tracing.

      blecm_configFlag |= BLECM_DBGUART_LOG;

      I also enable pairing. the debug uart will put some data. see the picture.

      I want to know what's the meaning of that i marked. I meet a problem. it will fail when sending Indication before "@$*$04FF0EF009201010000074A126400000", the second mark. it couldn't reach the callback function of bleprofile_sendIndication().

      Who can help me? Thanks.

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          Are you getting the trace via teraterm? The traces are encoded and I suggest that you use the SDK environment to view the trace instead. Refer to the below doc on how to do that.



          WICED Smart Quick Start Guide (SDK 2.x and TAG3 Board) 

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            yes, I used teraterm to trace. thank you, i can use the SDK environment to view the trace.



            13:33:55 - blecm evt handler:

            13:33:55 - 0e0401062000

            13:33:55   SMP Conn Down

            13:33:55   connDown

            13:33:55   ConnDnStopIdlTmr

            13:33:55   BLE_low_un_adv:timer(0)



            Does that above log means that low advertisements started? I found a strange problem. The application is that it sends data the app in smart phone and also the app also sends data to the board during connection up. The smart phone couldn't found the advertisements of board after disconnect and re-connect about 20 times. Above is the last racing log. I use bleprofile_sendIndication() to send the data. Can you give me some suggestion? Thanks.

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              The above log seemed to suggest that the link is down and the server is entering low advertising. You would know that indications will require acknowledgements. I can't pinpoint why it stop working after 20 attempts, but you may want to try out the hello_sensor app first, and perhaps the trace of which can give you some hints. Use "WICED Smart Explorer" available on Android, or "LightBlue" available in App Store. Use these apps to connect/disconnect your device and peruse those traces.