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    imx6ul-EVK Device Tree (con't)


      Hello venkats_16

      Based on your answers  provided in the other thread, for which I am thankful for, I have additional questions:

      In the imx6ul-evk-btwifi.dtsi file, it mentions in the comments that

      " This DTS file is written for plugging in Murata Wi-Fi/BT EVK into Slot * SD1 and using Murata i.MX InterConnect Ver 2.0 Adapter. Bluetooth UART & control signals are connected via ribbon cable (J1701 connector)."


      However, I've noticed that the pin control for wlreg_on is gpio5_1 [MX6UL_PAD_SNVS_TAMPER1__GPIO5_IO01] which is not wired to imx6ul-EVK J1701.

      1. Can you elaborate on how the 4343 WLREG_ON is controlled?
      2. Is WL_HOST_WAKE requied for the bcmdhd driver.

      Thanks in advance for your help.