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      Can anyone tell me the best way to get a Broadcom EVAL board connected to Azure?

      AMQP doesn't appear to be ready for prime time.

      What is the fastest way to send data to Azure via HTTP(s)?

      has anyone ported the MicroSoft SDK API the the WICED environment?



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          You are correct. Unfortunately currently we only support AMQP 0.9.1 in the SDK and Azure requires 1.0 or higher for the service bus


          We have had customers who have ported their own implementation over on top of our SDK


          In addition you can use HTTPS as the transport for Azure and skip AMQP - though you will lose some functionality that way and gain others (streaming for example) - and not sure your application


          I am not currently aware of any open implementation of Azure SDK on the WICED SDK - but getting the basic HTTPS/TLS infrastructure working with Azure should be very straightforward. You can look at the MQTT and other HTTP based wire protocol implementations in the SDK as reference