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    BCM43438 BLE Power Consumption


      Hi there,


      We have tested BLE using the BCM43438 (A1) chip and SDK 3.5.2, the BLE power consumption is still very high, we cannot say it is Low Energy.


      We want to know how to use BT_HOST_WAKE and BT_DEV_WAKE pins? Are they used for powering down the chip?


      Thanks in advance for any input.

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          The question of using BT_HOST_WAKE and BT_DEV_WAKE was recently asked by another customer. Here is the reply they received:


          "The way the state machine works is that when the Host does not have any actions for the BT device, it will assert BT_DEV_WAKE active low to indicate that the BT device can go to low power mode as needed.


          The BT device will assert BT_HOST_WAKE high when it needs attention from the host MCU. This will prevent the host from going to sleep and the host side stack will be expecting data from the BT device


          The polarity can be reversed, but the default configuration in the FW and the BT Stack is Active High to request attention and Active Low to allow sleep in both directions."

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