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    Advertisements do not resume after RF is paused using bleprofile_configureGpioForSkippingRf()

      Using the mybeacon sample application as a reference, we designed our BCM20736 based hardware to use P0 as the input to pause RF.


      Our GPIO0 settings in platform.h are identical to the tag boards:

      #define GPIO_PIN_RADIO_OFF      0



      And our application's create() function calls:

      bleprofile_configureGpioForSkippingRf(GPIO_PIN_P0, GPIO_PIN_INPUT_HIGH);


      However, when we drive GPIO0 high, the advertisements stop and do not resume when we drive it back low. I am wondering that the application may have crashed.


      The one difference from mybeacon is that our application uses bleprofile_Discoverable() to control advertisements, not blecm_startAdv().

      Is there another way to pause RF using the GPIO that I must use if I use this API?


      I am using SDK v2.2.2