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    Questions concerning Bluetooth SIG Qualification/Declaration


      We are nearing the point of beginning the Bluetooth SIG qualification/declaration process with our BCM20736S-based design.  I've been reading through forum posts concerning this process and have a few questions that could use some clarification.


      I found that these posts by MichaelF_56 and others provided good background on the issue:

      Do I need to register separately with the Bluetooth SIG to use the Bluetooth logo in my product?

      Bluetooth SIG Certification/QDID Assigments


      I'm reading these to mean that the Bluetooth SIG "Qualification" step is not required -- only "Declaration".  Is this correct?


      The crux of the question we have is whether the fact that we have written application firmware that runs on the BCM20736S results in a "change to the stack" that will require additional testing., or whether we can legitimately use QDID 51750 (End product) (or should it be the component one?), pay the declaration listing fee, and have no further testing required?


      For background, our application exposes the DIS (Device Information Service) standard service and several user-defined services/characteristics.



      David Smith