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    Problem with includes in platform.c



      I'm working with EMW3165 and now I've created my own IRQ handler for USART using the libraries of the MCU (stm32f4xx).


      I've added the following definition in platform.c


      WWD_RTOS_MAP_ISR(juanpi_USART6_IRQHandler, USART1_irq)


      The definition of USART6_IRQHandler() is in the files





      I've include the header file in the platform.c (#include "juanpi_ISR.h"),

      and also add a path to the project to the apps/Juanpi_UART_test/drivers folder but doesn't work:


      MAKEFILE MAKECMDGOALS=Juanpi_UART_test-EMW3165 OTA2_SUPPORT is disabled

      Building Bootloader

      platforms/EMW3165/platform.c:12:24: fatal error: juanpi_ISR.h: No such file or directory

      #include "juanpi_ISR.h"


      Where is the problem ? I have to edit any .mk file ? How ?



      Juan Pablo

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          The compiler can't find the .h file.



          #include "../../Juanpi_UART_test/drivers/juanpi_ISR.h"

          or something like that.

          Worst case, try an include with the entire path specified from root, and then back out of that to some relative directory path specification.


          Ultimately, an tweaking a makefile is probably best, but that should get you rolling forward again.

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            Hi, Thanks for your answer!


            I've tried what you said and get a new error:


            ././WICED/WWD/include/network/wwd_network_interface.h:21:24: fatal error: wwd_buffer.h: No such file or directory

            #include "wwd_buffer.h"


            compilation terminated.


            Using both options (#include "../../Juanpi_UART_test/drivers/juanpi_ISR.h" or entire path specified from root)


            Witout including this archive and obviously without my own irq handler I can compile successfully.


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              Is there a reason you can't put the .c and .h files in the platforms/xxx/ directory?