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    WICED running on Linux Host


      Is it possible to run the WICED SDK on an ARM Linux host?

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          Currently not by default.


          Eclipse itself would run as long as you have a JVM


          The SDK itself does not rely on any x86 specific features for the most part


          The only changes needed would be to modify the tool chain from cross compile to native compile. So having a native gcc, make etc as well as native gdb would do the trick. OpenOCD would also be needed to have download/jtag support (everything under the ARM_GNU directory as well as the openOCD bin would need to be native


          And perhaps modify the makefiles to accommodate this if there are any corner issues


          This has of course never been tested, so if you do get it running, please let us know how it goes


          I think something like the Raspberry PI rev3 should be a good platform for this if that is what you are attempting.

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            WICED SDK comes with it's own OS, which is either ThreadX or FreeRTOS.


            For running on Linux we have WICED WiFi modules which can be hooked up via SDIO.


            Murata has an extensive offering shown here: Murata Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for Linux and Android


            In addition to other suppliers like Inventek, LSR, etc.


            All of these are listed in the IoT Solutions Guide

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              I am using a Murata Type ZX with an Atmel MPU running Linux. I know WICED SDK support Type ZX since it is pretty much BCM43662. However, I cannot get rid of Linux on my host MPU since the product has a lot of dependent code written. If I can replace RTOS hooks with Linux pthread calls and port the platform dependent calls to Linux, may be WICED SDK app can be compiled to an executable for Linux? Is there a solution for this already?

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                Ok. So I was confused as to your question


                Please look at the muRata forums where there is support for the Linux drivers. You can also check with your muRata support folks. You don't need WICED for this. Standard Linux tools with standard Linux drivers would suffice

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                  Sorry for not providing detail in my initial post, but I think you misunderstood my question again. I want to compile the WICED SDK to run on Linux for various reasons.

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                    What exactly from the WICED SDK do you need to be running on your ARM Linux host?


                    If you provide more details on your application or use case we can help better


                    If this is confidential then feel free to PM me