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    Time broken when mcu powersave enabled


      Using SDK 3.5.2 with ThreadX on the BCM944343WWCD_1 evaluation module.  When I enable mcu powersaving wiced_time_get_utc_time_ms doesn't return accurate numbers and wiced_rtos_delay_milliseconds is not accurate.  The attached program connects to wifi, syncs time using SNTP, and then just prints out the time every 10 seconds. 


      It seems that wiced_platform_mcu_enable_powersave is unusable... Does anyone have any solutions or advice?


      Each line of output is timestamped with the current system time.

      Example output:


      2016-25-17T12:25:02.345072000 - Starting WICED v3.5.2


      2016-25-17T12:25:23.786312000 - Current time is: 2016-05-17T16:25:23.026104

      2016-25-17T12:25:23.797845000 - Time: 2016-05-17T16:25:23.030104

      2016-25-17T12:25:33.974094000 - Time: 2016-05-17T16:25:33.035104

      2016-25-17T12:25:39.461356000 - Time: 2016-05-17T16:26:56.025464 <-- Time skipped over a minute.  Only 6 seconds elapsed

      2016-25-17T12:25:49.637038000 - Time: 2016-05-17T16:27:06.027464

      2016-25-17T12:25:59.811158000 - Time: 2016-05-17T16:27:16.031464




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          I got similar symptom after calling wiced_platform_mcu_enable_powersave():


          Current time is: 2016-05-18T02:04:44.035464

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:04:44.039464

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:04:54.043464

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:05:04.046464

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:06:21.009928 <<

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:06:31.012928

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:06:41.015928

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:06:51.019928

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:07:01.022928

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:07:11.025928

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:07:21.028928

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:08:40.058856 <<

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:08:50.062856

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:10:01.063784 <<

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:10:11.002248

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:11:27.039856 <<        

          Time: 2016-05-18T02:11:37.042856  

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            When I try to verify this on sdk-6.2, it's even worsen.

            The uart output garbage so I even cannot verify it.


            GauravS_31 MichaelF_56